Encouragement Wellness

My company name is changing to Encouragement Wellness to better fit what I do!!!

This is for a few reasons

        The first is it better describes what I am about and how I am as a health coach.   My style of coaching is to help and encourage my clients as they work toward their goals. I provide resource material, encouragement, accountability, and develop a plan to help them succeed with their health and wellness goals.          

      The second reason is that I am more than just a keto health coach. Yes I am a certified ketogenic living and nutritional ketosis coach, but I am so so much more. I want to reflect that. 

I am now certified stress management coach and a certified  nutritional and holistic wellness coach as well. 

     The third reason is I have added to my focus.  The keto diet is a wonderful healing diet with so many amazing outcomes, but that isn't just my focus. My focus is to help people with their health and wellness.  Ketogenic Living might be the answer for your concerns, but there are other possible answers and as a health coach my job is to help completely not just one little piece. 

So what does all this mean?

I will still be putting out a weekly news letter and videos that will include information about the keto diet and keto recipes, but I will also be adding more information. 

There will be information about migraines and finding what triggers might be causing migraines. 

There will be information about how stress management and how stress effects health.

There will be information about pre-diabetes and stabilizing blood sugars

And Finally stress management tips!

I am so excited to focus more specifically on these health issues.  These are were my passion and desire to help is. 

My new website will be www.encouragementwellness.com

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