Hi my name is _______ I am an emotional eater.

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Emotional eating also sometimes called stress eating is very hard to stop. Emotional eating is when you use food to deal with stress or emotions. It is the coping mechanism to help you escape or feel better for the moment. But that momentary feeling good only lasts as long as the food you are eating. Then the stress or emotions comes right back.

Emotional eating is only a temporary fix for dealing with stress or tough emotions.

How do I break it you may ask?

The first step is have a plan. What are things that you can do to help deal when the stress comes? Maybe try some of these..

Journal - It can be a power tool to work out your feelings and emotions. Work through them as you write them down. Let them out. Don't forget to write down the good feelings and emotional events as well. Keep these and re-read them to remember the good times on the days you need the reminders.

Walking - Go for a walk and away from the tempting food. Exercise produces endorphins which help moods.

Learn to knit or crochet - Did you know that knitting is now being used for stress management in large corporations? It has been shown that knitting can reduce depression and anxiety, increase your sense of well being and more. Check out this article from Southern Living.

What are things you can do to help deal with stress?

When you find yourself feeling the need to eat, evaluate that need. Are you hungry or stressed? Did something just happen and now you feel the urge to go eat?

If you aren't hungry, then try one of the ways you have listed to deal with stress.

It takes time to break the emotional eating cycle, but it is possible. If you need more help, get a health coach such as myself to help you work through these feelings and help develop a plan of action to cope with stress. I have been there and understand the struggle. I can walk with you as you break the emotional eating cycle.

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