So you have heard about the Keto diet.....(Brief History of the Keto Diet)

The Keto Diet is everywhere you look these days. You have seen it on YouTube, the news, the internet, book stores, but have no idea exactly what it is. You have heard that you have to eat tons of bacon, cheese, or even heard it called the butter diet.

That is where I can help. Here is a little history on the keto diet.

The Keto diet actually isn't a new fad, but has been around the 1920's. It was first used as a last resort for pediatric epilepsy patients that medication didn't work. These patients had hundreds of seizures daily and medication wasn't stopping them. Every time a patient has a seizure, brain cells are destroyed. So Dr. Russell Wilder at the Mayo Clinic developed the Ketogenic Therapy (aka classic keto diet). He had the whole families of these patients commit to doing this diet. The results.... the patients' seizures became controlled. If they went off the diet, the seizures came back. These patients were followed into adulthood and old age and then death. Autopsies preformed showed that their brains didn't have the damage that was expected in patients with extreme seizures like these people had in their childhood. Amazing!

Navy SEALS started having seizures from the re-breathers used to eliminate bubbles

Now lets fast forward some. The special operations divers such as the Navy SEALs were experiencing seizures underwater. SEALS that spent a lot of time under water using a rebreather (so bubbles wouldn't go to the surface and tell where they are) began to have seizures underwater. That was not a good thing. So the Department of Defense' research team had to come up with a way to stop the seizures fast. They gave them seizure medicine. The result... the medicine slowed their cognitive skills (that wasn't a good thing), and they still had seizures. So they went back to the drawing board and found the study done from the early 1900's about children and the keto diet. They put together a group of SEALS did research on how they did on the keto diet with seizures and under water missions. The short version of the research paper the DOD published... It worked.

Ok, lets fast forward some more to today. The keto diet isn't just for epilepsy patients or special ops divers but for those that want to lose weight and be healthy. Studies have shown it levels out people's blood sugars, reduces inflammation, helps brain function, reduces the insane desire to eat constantly, and lose weight. There is so much more I can write on these topics, and will in future posts.

In my next post I will give a brief summary of just what the keto diet is.

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