So you have heard about the keto diet..........Part 3 (Ketosis)

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Does the keto diet seem to the be the hot topic these days? But just what is ketogenic diet. What is ketosis?

Normally, your body will use sugar (glucose) produced from carbohydrates as it's fuel source. When your body is in a state of ketosis it will use ketones converted from fat (either from your fat cells or ingested) as the fuel source instead. Have you heard the phrase "fat adapted"? That is what it means. It means your body has converted to using fat as the energy source.

How does that happen? When there isn't a presence of glucose ie carbs in the body, it will start converting the mitochondria (nickname powerhouse of the cell) to start burning ketones produced from fat. The more cells that have their mitochondria converted the more "fat adapted" you become. As that happens, the more ketones your body will produce to meet the need. As the sugar levels begin to lower from not ingesting significant amounts of carbs, your body will be begin to release the water and inflammation that it has been holding on to. Did you know that one sugar molecule can attract about 100 water molecules to it as it floats around in your blood stream? That is why the first couple of weeks most of your weight loss will be water not fat. But that is not a bad thing at all!!! It means you are losing inflammation that has been built up between your cells.

A sugar molecule can attract about 100 water molecules

During that initial water weight loss, some people experience the keto flu. Normal symptoms of the keto flu that are reported as exhaustion, headache, muscle aches.. ie feels like the flu. What is happening is that as their bodies flush so much water out of the system, it flushes out the electrolytes as well. Throw in that probably some carb withdrawal is happening at the same time can make it pretty exhausting and miserable. The good news is it usually doesn't last longer than a couple days. If you will drink electrolytes such as propel those first few days and eat pink Himalayan salt that will help reduce the symptoms.

Once the keto flu passes you will start feeling an increase of energy and feel better than before carbs. Some people will start producing ketones within days, while some it might take a few weeks.

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