What's up with Intermittent Fasting

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

If you have done any research about the ketogenic diet, you have come across the words "intermittent fasting" or IF for short or eating windows.

Intermittent Fasting is a period of time where you don't eat. It is not starving yourself. You already naturally fast while you are sleeping at night. It doesn't mean that you eat less food just have periods of time that you aren't eating and periods of time that you all your food in.

When you are on keto it actually comes naturally because you aren't hungry. The most usual IF that happens is that breakfast starts to be skipped because you are still full from dinner the night before. This is sometimes referred to an 16:8 IF. It means fasting for 16 hours and the eating window is 8 hours. So the first meal of the day is around lunch time and then the last meal is dinner. All of the daily macros are consumed within that 8 hour window. Please note that even though you are eating 2 meals a day not 3, it is still important to eat all of your daily macros/calories in those two meals.

Example: If your daily protein needs are 90 grams, then instead of eating 30 grams protein for each of your 3 meals, you will eat 45 grams of protein for each of the 2 meals.

Some other popular IF combinations are 20:4 and 12:12. A 20:4 means 20 hours of fasting and 4 hour eating window. The 12:12 combo is basically eating during daylight hours and fasting during night hours. Another name for the 12:12 is circadian rhythm fasting.

There are several reasons that people use IF. One reason it comes naturally from eating enough fat the previous meal to still feel not hungry at the next meal time. Other's do it for health benefits. By having a longer time period of no eating, it allows the body to use up glycogen storage. By using up the stored sugar, their blood sugars will be begin to stabilize. It also will increase ketone production during the fasting time.

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