You want to try the keto diet, but just don't know where to start?

TAs your health coach, I can help you get started on your keto journey. I can show you how to get started by providing information,  food lists, menus, recipes,  and help you get your macros customized for you.    

The keto diet works because of the combination of protein, fat, and carbohydrates that are eaten. It works to make your body healthier while losing weight. It is a diet that is able to be a lifestyle because it is real food that can be found at grocery stores and able to be ordered at restaurants.  Bonus: The food tastes wonderful. Together we will customize a program that fits your specific needs so it will work. 

 As your health coach, I will guide you through every step of the way teaching you about the keto diet, providing meal plans, and recipes. All customized to fit your busy life.  Together we review the challenges and develop a plan of action. 

I will give you menus and recipes to use that will be dishes you like to make already, just "keto-ized". These recipes might even turn into the new family favorite. I can show you how to make minor changes so it will fit your keto diet, but the family will still enjoy it. 


The keto diet is a great lifestyle to lose weight and help your health, but can also be very confusing with all the information out there. Would you like someone to guide you through your keto journey and explain it as you go?

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Start your keto journey with tools to help you succeed.  A great pack for those that want to do keto on their own.

Keto Starter Pack

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A 7 week  program that includes menus, recipes, daily information, individualized goals and review, exercise goals, and more. There are BRONZE,  SILVER, AND GOLD PACKAGES

Kick Pounds with Keto Program

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Schedule a free keto diet consultation to learn more about  the keto diet, my ketogenic living programs, ask questions, and help you plan for the holidays

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